• Staking Program

    Staking Program

    While there is an option on our exchange to receive a 50% discount in trading fees by using Beaxy tokens, there is also a second way to get discounted trading. Maybe you don’t want to have to spend your Beaxy tokens at all. Now with our staking program you will have the option to lock up some amount of your BXY tokens to receive a discounted trading fee. Here’s how it works: you decide how many BXY tokens you want to lock, you set the period for how long you want to lock them for (minimum one month), and you will receive a discount in trading up until they unlock. The best part, you will still receive any coins generated from our loyalty program while they are locked.

  • Loyalty Program

    Loyalty Program

    The PLUS Token is used to participate in the Loyalty Rewards through the Beaxy platform. Due to uncertainty in the market, PLS will not be available for United States citizens. This program is designed to reward users who are holding PLS on Beaxy Exchange. Holders will receive a percentage of transaction fees collected according to the duration the PLS Tokens are locked, and the percentage of each user’s share among all locked PLS tokens. Lock them: Up to 1 month: 15%, 1-6 months: 20%, Beyond 6 months: 25% The supply of the PLUS token will be equal to that of the BXY Token, however, the PLUS token will only be available through the Beaxy platform. The Beaxy Token (BXY) can be exchanged for the PLUS Token at a 1:1 rate, and will remain locked in as PLUS tokens for a period of time, set by the user.

  • Choose How You Pay Fees

    Choose How You Pay Fees

    Trading fees can be a hassle to deal with. We know how expensive trading can get (especially for high volume traders) and we wanted to come out with a feature to ease the burden. If you use BXY to trade on our exchange you will be able to trade at a 50% discounted rate. The best part, this feature pairs with our staking program. You can save 50% off your already discounted trade rate by utilizing both of these features together! (Note the 50% discount will be adjusted from your new fee schedule after locking in your staked tokens).

  • Referral Program

    Referral Program

    Each registered Beaxy user will be able to take advantage of our Referral Program. If you refer a friend, you will receive 10% of their transaction fees for the lifetime of their account. Those who join via a referral code will be granted a Platinium level account ( 20% discount on trading fees ) for a limited time period ( 60 days ). When you help us grow, everyone wins.